Website Design Malaysia – Designing attractive websites

Web development and design requires a good understanding of the basic elements such as structure, navigation, UI design, content and functionality. The first step in web designing is to develop the website structure which forms the foundation of the overall website development. The visual design follows best practices on colour, font, graphics, interface and overall user experience. Our Website Design Malaysia Guide will cover some basic areas in website design and development.

Basic websites

Consisting of a homepage and a few sections and pages, this is most suitable for small projects, or as an extension of a larger website. The single level structure is easy to navigate and content is easy to organize.

Suitable for events websites, product promotions minisites & online brochure.

Website Design Malaysia - Simple and minimalist website design

Corporate websites, e-commerce, webshops

These websites usually require a structure that can present the information in a more organised manner. Content is organised into sections and sub-sections such as news, photo gallery, articles, announcements and products. Usually built with content management system (CMS) such as WordPress – to easily manage the website from the admin panel. Users have full control on the website to manage content, comments, and users.

Website Design Malaysia - Basic website design

Web page structure

It is standard practice to have a common web page structure throughout the website which greatly improves usability. This can be achieved with templates & themes which can be customised to reflect the corporate or brand identity. Basic webpage sections consist of the following elements:

  • Header – A bar to put your logo & tagline
  • Navigation bar – Normally a horizontal menu
  • Banner – Slider with images & text
  • Content Area – Contains main text & images
  • Footer – Links, news feeds, contact details & copyright info.
Website Design Malaysia - Attractive website design