Website design pricing in Malaysia

Whether you are building your first website or redesigning your existing website, it does not have to be an expensive and stressful endeavour. It is understandable that you will want to know how the website design pricing is calculated. Generally, website design pricing is determined based on several factors which we have highlighted in this page.

Number of pages

As a rule of thumb, the higher the number of pages, the higher the cost. However, there will be a base rate which covers the overall design starting with one page. Subsequent pages will be charged based on the estimated amount of content and design requirements.

Style of design

Design requirements affect costing as well. If the website requires extensive graphics, animations, customisation and functionality, then more manpower & time is required. It is important to discuss your requirements in detail to get an accurate web design pricing.


The website requirements for each business differs from each other. Some require more content, such as custom forms, enhanced imagery & graphics, or copywriting. In the web environment, all imagery and graphics must be processed and optimised so that your website can run efficiently. How the content is presented is also taken into account.

Responsive Design

Over half of web users access information via mobile devices. Website designs need to be responsive not only for greater accessibility but also to provide a better user experience for visitors. To achieve this requires extra resources which contribute to the web design pricing.

Content Management System (CMS)

The most popular CMS is WordPress which is easy to setup and comes with numerous plugins to enhance usability. Setting up a CMS powered website requires integration of template and database. Although it requires more effort and resources initially, the benefit is that your website can be easily extended in the future.

e-Commerce Functionality

Your website can be equipped with e-commerce functionality if the need arises. WooCommerce is a popular WordPress shopping cart plugin that can enable you to easily sell your products and services online. The shopping cart function can be disabled so that it can be used as an online catalogue.

Web Design Pricing Guide

The website design pricing guide serves as a general estimate on the design cost. Actual design costs may vary for each project, some being lower or higher than the pricing stated below.

  • Basic
  • A quick & easy website.

    • 1 static page
    • scroll up to 3 screen pages
    • customised design
    • navigation bar
    • 1 web banner
    • 1 feedback form
    • FREE: 1 month online technical & troubleshooting support

  • from RM2,800.00
  • Additional pages from RM400/page
  • Plus
  • Suitable for businesses to build an online presence.

    • WordPress CMS (optional)
    • up to 10 pages
    • customised design
    • navigation bar
    • 2 web banners
    • 1 feedback form
    • Search Engine Optimised
    • FREE: 2 months online technical & troubleshooting support

  • from RM4,800.00
  • Additional pages from RM400/page
    WordPress setup from RM1,500
  • Advance
  • Websites with extensive content that requires frequent updating by multiple users.

    • Content Management System (WordPress)
    • up to 15 pages
    • custom design
    • navigation bar
    • 3 web banners
    • 1 feedback form
    • Search Engine Optimised
    • 1 Photo Gallery
    • FREE: 3 months online technical & troubleshooting support

  • from RM6,800.00
  • Additional pages from RM400/page
    e-Commerce setup from RM2,500

The above web design prices and packages are an estimate only. Variable production costs such as imagery, special requirements, hosting services, domain name registration, etc., will affect the final costs. Kindly contact us for a more accurate cost estimate.